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      1970  The first producer of Gentamicin Sulfate in China.

      1980  “Excellent product prize" for CTC HCL by Ministry of Health of China.

      1981  National silver prize (the highest prize) awarded for Gentamicin Sulfate.

      1988  1st US FDA Inspection for CTC HCL, re-inspection in 1996,1998.

      1989  "Good quality management prize" was awarded by Drug Administration of China

      2000  COS Certificate of Gentamicin Sulfate from EDQM.
      2003  US FDA Inspection for the new production line of CTC HCL and Gentamicin Sulfate, re-inspection in 2009,2011,2014,2016,2018.

      2003  Listed as High-tech Enterprises of Fujian Province.
      2004  EU GMP certificate of CTC HCL and Gentamicin Sulfate by German Health Authorities, updated in 2009,2011,2013,2015,2017,2019.

      2004  Chinese GMP certificate of CTC HCL and Gentamicin Sulfate, updated in 2009,2012,2017

      2006  Chinese GMP certificate for Cefmetazole Sodium Sterile (Lyophilized Powder),updated in 2010,2014.

      2007  COS Certificate of CTC HCL from EDQM.

      2019  Cephalonium got China New Veterinary Drug Registration Certificate and Chinese GMP for Animal Drugs.

      2019 EU GMP certificate of Tetracycline HCL by German Health Authority

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